Charles De La Riva, Jr. MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Charles has a passion for showing grace where it is not often shown and stewarding his gifts in a way that positively impacts those around him. He received his training to be a Family Nurse Practitioner from Grand Canyon University after five-years of experience as a registered nurse in the valley. Native of Chicago, Illinois, Charles has a wide array of experience working in different modalities of medicine ranging from telemetry, emergency room, observation, ortho-trauma, med-surg, and behavioral health. He uses his experiences in hospital leadership to create quality metrics, workflows, and systems that ensure positive patient outcomes.

De La Riva is a devoted Christian, family-man, and athlete outside of work. He enjoys spending time with his son and creating an environment that his son can thrive in with the help of the amazing mom of the household. The De La Riva family often hikes, mountain bikes, travels, and serves their community. Charles is looking forward to the completion of his doctoral studies.

“Being able to help my clients be the healthiest they can be is a cherished blessing that I am thankful to have the opportunity to do,” said De La Riva. “I believe evidenced-based practice and teamwork will ultimately create the best outcomes for clients. I value the opportunity to be a part of an esteemed organization like Laser Vascular Center and I am confident that our team is the best equipped to get the job done”. With a warm smile ear to ear, Charles invites new clients to make an appointment today.