Physical Therapy

We offer monitored physical therapy during your program with Bellagio Clinic.

This helps with pain reduction during your weight loss journey, or for any existing pain you may have now that is hindering your ability to exercise. It helps teach and instill proper exercise form to the patients that they can utilize at home or at their gym.

We will help you establish a work out plan/ regimen that you can take home or to the gym to utilize on your own.

Our Physical Therapy service helps keep you accountable for your workouts and progress tracking.

“It’s been a month and I’ve lost 15 pounds and one and a half size. Everyone at Bellagio Clinic have been so supportive and I really enjoy my visits.

Joseph Williams

“My experience with Bellagio Clinic was great. I have more energy and confidence. I’ve lost 50 pounds and I am never going back to my old self!”

Robert Johnson

“This program was so easy to follow. All the meals are ready to go. It was great to have a doctor there to monitor my progress and answer all my questions.”

Linda Wilson