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Our doctors have designed a safe and proven program for our patients to maximize life-changing benefits, including:

Increased muscle mass

Increased libido

Reduced fat

Improved sexual performance

Helps with cholesterol

Strengthens bones

Helps with diabetes

Sharpens mind

Improves mood

Improves skin tone and elasticity

Increases energy and stamina

These benefits are seen when low hormone levels are treated in hypogonadal and andropausal men. Follow-up is the key to success for our patients.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Testosterone is used to increase and optimize hormone levels. The dosage varies and is determined by the prescribing physician. A patient’s medical history, lab results and physical are all factored in during diagnosis.

Gonadorelin is used to prevent testicular shrinkage and maintain the natural production of the hormone in the testes.

An Estrogen Blocker is used to control the levels of estrogen in men’s bodies.

Erectile Dysfunction

Bellagio Clinic sees many patients that suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). By the age of 50, nearly 50% of men experience sexual performance issues. Patients have tried various ways to treat the problem. Some men have used pills or drinks, while others have even gone so far as injecting themselves with prescription medications. Most men are looking for a quick fix. Meanwhile, they ignore the core causes of the problem that harms their bodies.

Through various testing, we have found a common denominator. The guys with erectile dysfunction have all suffered from significantly low male hormone levels. At the same time, they possess a high count of the female hormone, estrogen.

Through our testosterone replacement therapy, we increase the patient’s testosterone levels and decrease his level of estrogen with real hormone treatment. The results of the hormone therapy have been outstanding.

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Word of mouth from our satisfied patients is our best advertisement.


“I was having trouble getting and holding an erection. At first, I was skeptical about hormone treatment. But after a month in a real testosterone program, I no longer have a problem. You made me a believer. My wife too!””


“I highly recommend HRT treatment at Bellagio Clinic. They are extremely helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to addressing my questions. My medication arrives on time without having to make a call to request a prescription. My quality of life has improved dramatically.”