Weight loss has become an essential need in today’s world. 8 out of 10 people need to reduce their weight by hook or by crook. People are opting for diet plans, workout sessions, intense workout sessions just to shred those extra pounds.

In this article, we are discussing the medical pill phentermine which is prescripted by the doctor for weight loss. There are many weight loss pills available in the stores. But, only a portion of those pills has met with the Federal Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval. Phentermine is also one of them. 

There are two types of weight loss pills available

The first type is the fat blocker kind. Which works by binding with the fat in the food you eat and preventing the body from absorbing it. In this case, your body does not absorb any fat you eat. So if your body is not absorbing any fat, it means you will not gain weight. People who took this kind of drug showed great results. Also, they managed to decrease Type-2 diabetes, and also manage to reduce the level of blood pressure. 

But along with benefits, there are some cons too. As no fat is absorbed, the body does not even get the nutritious fat which is very important which becomes the cause of intestinal discomfort, oily stools, gas, and fecal incontinence. With more fat consumed, these problems worsen.  

The other type is in which the Phentermine comes, that is the Appetite Suppressants. The hunger suppressants contain the drug Phentermine which shuts off hunger signals by stimulation the neurons in the brain. When it comes to short term weight loss, Phentermine has been proven to be a really effective pill. Phentermine is a highly-tolerated drug. However, many side effects are also there, including nausea, rapid heart.

There are some disadvantages to this drug too. This is not a reliable drug. This is good for short-term weight loss purposes, as people who take this drug for a long, develop a tolerance for this drug, and after that, this drug is not effective anymore. Also, this drug is not available.

Taking phentermine for the long term is not a good thing, even doctors don’t recommend it. This drug is good for people like celebrities who need to reduce weight within weeks or days for certain shoots. But it is advisable to shred fat through the natural processes only.

Doctors also never prescribe or suggest drugs for weight loss, instead, they always want you first to reduce weight naturally, by going on diet, and by doing exercise daily. These drugs no doubt might be effective in reducing weight within days, but they will always have side effects, one may not feel earlier but slowly they will get to know. Some people feel nauseous, some people lose important minerals, some people lose immunity. So no matter how effective a drug is, you must opt for natural ways in reducing weight, they will take time, but they will show incredible and healthy results.